What is a therapy dog?

The therapy dog is a so called Social service dog, a dog working together whith his trainer serving a third person. A therapy dog can work with people of all ages or ones with various illnesses or disabilities as well as with people going through a difficult period in their lives. A therapy dog always works together with its handler (the person who trains and works with the dog) and together they make a therapy dog team.

The teams objective is to make other people feel better. For that reason, the therapy dog is trained to work with people in a number of different environments. The dog needs to be secure, social, responsive and able to be controlled with small and silent commands.

The members of the team are equally important and a therapy dog handler needs to know their dog well and be aware of how it can react in different environments.

Nyttohunden is a member of the Scandinavian Care and Therapy Dog Association and abides by its guidelines for working teams, both dog and handler.


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SVTH (Scandinavian Care and Therapy Dog Association)

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