Therapy Önska
(Aussieringens Morgana Le Fay)

Önska is an Australian Shepherd which is quite a common breed for therapy dogs in her homeland, USA. She is a tri-colour with a soft, mid-length coat.

She has been tested for suitability and has undergone other types of character testing which have found her to be a very social dog, with an enormous curiosity and will to work.

Following that, I trained Önska myself and she became a certified therapy dog on 24th April 2014. She adores people and loves to be stroked and cuddled.

It is easy to see that Önska is a young dog (born 2011) and she is full of energy. She never says no to any activity with us humans. Önska will become involved in suitable tasks in the future.


Members of
SVTH (Scandinavian Care and Therapy Dog Association)

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