Therapy Dog Locka
(Flaps Glädjeyra)

Foto:Annie Jönsson
Locka is a Flatcoated Retriever. She was tested for suitability and trained at Care-dog school in 2009-2010. Following that she became a certified therapy dog and trained to specialise in working with children and young people.

She really enjoys her work and loves people of all ages. Locka is a secure and tolerant dog, even in rowdy and noisy environments, and finds it easy to relax. She charms everyone around her with her lovely temperament and wagging tail.

We often get a positive response when we are working. That can be a smile or movement from someone behaving in a withdrawn way showing that they are opening up to talk or communicate in other ways with those around them.

The rehabilitation work that we do often demonstrates Locka’s ability as a motivator. People with disabilities often find training to be more fun when they do it together with Locka. Perhaps the fact that she can lift anyone’s spirits, in spite of everything, is her best feature?

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Members of
SVTH (Scandinavian Care and Therapy Dog Association)

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