Monica Broman

Terapihunden tränas att samspela med många olika människor i mycket skiftande miljöer

My name is Monica Broman and my dogs are named Locka and Önska, both of whom are certified therapy dogs. We live in southwest Sweden and work primarily in and around Sjuhärad.

Locka completed her training in 2010 and we have worked continuously since 2011 in a range of therapy dog roles, mainly in the rehabilitation of children and young people, and in care for the elderly. Prior to that, I had worked for over 20 years in social services, particularly with children and young people and their families. I qualified as a social worker in 1990. I have also worked with schools, childcare, care for the elderly, psychiatry, addict sufferers, correctional facilities and children with various disabilities.

I have over 30 years of experience with dogs while I have lived with, trained, competed and lectured on them. I also have a kennel, currently inactive, which you can read more about here: Glädjeyrans Kennel (in Swedish only).

Working in social services gave me the opportunity to see the need for and possibilities that exist with dogs in the work. Today, I work with my therapy dogs assisting patients and staff in many different ways.


Members of
SVTH (Scandinavian Care and Therapy Dog Association)

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